Beit Shemesh ATV Adventure
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ATV Beit Shemesh

Overview of Beit Shemesh ATV

Beit Shemesh ATV rides will take you through beautiful forests and rolling hills, past springs and river beds which can be wet or dry depending on the time of year. You will see historical sites and hear great stories. There are different routes to choose from.


1 Hour ATV route will take you through the forest to natural springs date palms and more. You will travel the expanses of the beautiful Begin Park to Ein Kobi, Ein Mata and more.

2 Hour ATV route will add upon the 1 hour ATV route and take you up to the spectacular Kennedy Memorial in the Amindav Forest. You will drive to a peak overlooking the ancient city of Beitar, the site of the Bar Kochba Rebellion.

4 Hour ATV route will take you through the countryside where David fought Goliath, the Ella Valley the famous bypass the Burma Road and more. You will visit the grave of Shimshon who fought the Pilishtim in these hills.

The highlights of this trip is the fantastic driving in various scenery peppered with history. A really great experience for the whole family!

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