Make the Dead Sea
come alive!
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Dead Sea ATV Journey

Dead Sea ATV will take you on an amazing journey in the lowest place on earth. You will literally ATV in the Dead Sea. You will tread where few have tread before, as you drive on the salt flats that go into the Dead Sea. You will pose for incredible photos with your ATV and salt mushrooms. You can even take a dip into the Dead Sea.

But this is only the beginning of the Dead Sea ATV trip. Now it is time for some serious rugged riding up on to Mount Sodom. With your ATV you will traverse the mountains and drive through the teeth of the earth that opens up near you. You will see landscape like no other.

At Dead Sea ATV you will have selection of vehicles from the rugged saddle seat ATV to the more family friendly desert buggies. Either way the ride will be out of this world!

Don't just float on the Dead Sea, EXPLORE IT on an ATV!

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