Galil ATV - Dishon Style!
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Dishon ATV in the Upper Galilee

Considered by many to be the premiere ATV rides in the country, ATV Dishon is in the Upper Galilee and does its tours in the  Ramot Naftali area. You would think that as one of the oldest ATV tour companies Dishon would would have outdated ATVs. On the contrary Dishon always keeps the newest and best ATVs. ATV Dishon has a variety of ATV types from tradtional saddle style to family vehicles that seat 4-5 passengers.

Dishon offers several beautiful routes. The basic route goes through lush orchards and vineyards with the highlight being the breathtaking heights of Keren Naftali cliff where the Golan will open up beneath your feet and the beautiful Hermon mountain visible in the distance. The challenging ride up there is a thrill and a half! And then there are the famous migrating birds in the Hula Valley. Birds? Yes Half a billion migrating birds to be more specific!

Another popular route is the Dishon stream where you will actually cross the stream in your ATV. Depending on the time of year this could be real adventure and another reason why Dishon ATV is so popular.

Dishon is hop skip and a jump from Tzfat and a great way to start a day in the Golan. Don't miss ATV Dishon!


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