Gush Etzion ATV
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Gush Etzion ATV

Gush Etzion is right near Jerusalem and a wonderland of fun activities. It is famous for its zipline and Caliber 3 anti terror workshop among others. But one thing that should not be missed is the Gush Etzion ATV tour. For starters the Gush Etzion ATV tour is great fun as you whizzz your ATV up and down the mountains. Then there is the breathtaking beauty of the distant views of villages in the hills. You will drive you ATV by gorgeous vineyards and almond orchards among other paradise like vegetation on the beautiful terraced hills.

But here is the kicker, the history! Now I know you are thinking ATV and history don't go together but on this tour the guide weaves it in enhancing your tour even to the delight of adrenaline loaded kids and teens. The Gush has a rare combination of extraordinary ancient history leading back to the Patriarch's time through the Tempe era with real live remnants along the road. It also was a hotly contested area in Israel 1948 War of Independence as many brave men lost their lives.

This ATV tour will be enjoyed by all ages and if you are in Gush Etzion you don't want to miss it!

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