Judean Desert Thrills!
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ATV Judean Desert (Midbar Yehuda)

The Judean Desert is truly spectacular and an ATV ride is the most fun way to soak in the beauty. Because the Judean Desert (Midbar Yehuda) starts right on the outskirts of Jerusalem any visitor to Jerusalem can get there in less than half an hour. It is especially a great stopover on your way to the Dead Sea and Masada. You can also take a beautiful ATV tour at sunset on your way up to Jerusalem.

On your ATV tours you will see hidden caves, perfect desert hideouts. You will ride your ATV up the peaks of the Judean Desert for a commanding view of the Dead Sea, the gorgeous desert and even back towards Jerusalem. You may also drive your ATV through Bedouin camps. On some days you may drive up to the peak where the US army kept a Patriot missile battery during the Gulf War.

ATV Judean Desert - Midbar Yehuda tour is not to be missed!

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